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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 16, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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stockton police in a terrifying high-speed pursuit for three bank robs that took three women hostage. one was killed and two of the robbers. another suspect is hospitalized. good evening.
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i'm ama daetz. don ashley is off tonight. it was mayham after a robbery. one of three women taken hostage was killed during the chase. her family identified the victim as misty sing, amir marcried mo of two. they were forced into a stolen suv after a robbery around 2:30 this afternoon. more than a dozen police cruisers chased the car as it flew across the streets of stockton. the suspects fired at them with a semiautomatic weapon and the police returned shots during the 45-minute long chase. during the chase, the suspects threw two hostages from the speeding car. we spoke to a witness that saw a victim. >> she was on the ground and my brother saw her and her leg was tore up and bleeding and the fire department wasn't there yet, nobody was there. the video was of driving by a big police suv type thing parked
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in the center divider and in front of him on the ground was a girl in gray, who was turning over and her leg was all bloody and he was standing over her and they were waiting for help. >> a third suspect was shot and is hospitalized. the condition of the third hostage is not known right now. stockton police are going to have a news conference updating the situation any minute now. we'll bring it live tonight as soon as it starts. our coverage does continue on twitter at abc 7 news bay area and abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel seven. a federal judge says the death penalty system is broken, so broken it's unconstitutional. today's decision is seen as a legal victory for those who want to abolish the penalty. >> i think if you do something that you need to be punished for and it's severe enough. >> i don't believe in death penalty anyway, so it's only a good thing. >> taking a lot of taxpayer
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money just to like keep the whole process going when there is no result in the end, really. >> u.s. district judge says in his order that delays of two decades or more in resolving appeals and carrying out only a few executions have created an arbitrary and irrational system. he said it violates the constitution's eighth amendment, which bans cruel and unusual punishment. the ruling overturns earnest dwayne's death sentence. jones was convicted of rape and murder sued the state after sentenced to death 19 years ago. the federal judge's ruling is something death penalty opponents have been waiting for. they say the system has been broken for sometime matt cherry is with death penalty focus, a group puts a spot on executions. >> we have 747 people alive on death row, but there have been in executions for the past eight years, and in fact, since the
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death penalty was reinstituted in the 1970s, there have only been 13 executions in california. >> reporter: the state temporary stopped executing prisoners in 2006 when another federal judge ruled that flaws in the lethal injection protocol created an undue risk for failed and painful executions. the last time california's death penalty was struck down was in 197 2 when the supreme court ruled it violeted the state constitution but voters overturned that ruling later that year on a ballot initiative. the people of this state have spoken time and time again on this issue, and i believe the people's voice should be heard. martin is president of the san francisco police officer's association. he's afraid the decision will encourage other prisoners to file expensive frivolous lawsuits. he also asks this question. >> is the judge concerned about the victim and the victim's
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family who are going through this nightmare all over again? >> judge carney only ruled on earnest dwayne jones' death sentence which was reduced to life in prison without parole. there is no broader ruling but that may come, if and when state attorney general harris appeals. her office says they ar reviewing it now. and a little perspective, california sentenced more than 900 people to death since 1978. only 13 have been executed. the accused high price call girl charged in the death of google executive forest hays was back in court today. 26-year-old alix tichelman was in court. she is accused of giving him an overdose. they said she had no reason to kill hays. >> he was a lucrative source of
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income to her. she appreciated his again lose losety and she had a motive to elongate, not end the relationship. >> meanwhile, authorities are reopening the investigation into tichleman's ex-boyfriend in atlanta. he also died of a heroin overdose. it was ruled accidental but the former nanny believes she is response sglbl. >> he hated smoking, drinking and absolutely hated drugs. he was skeptical of taking aspirin, let alone heroin. so do i believe that dean injected himself with heroin? absolutely not. >> the judge also deny add request to reduce al leix tich n tichelman's bail. john avenue lalos denies han affair. he came in second and been a supervisor since 2008 and says
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that he let a lot of people down and he is sorry. avalos and his wife separated this year. the aid went on unpaid leave from her $95,000 a year job in may but not officially quit. he did not say when the relationship began or how long it lasted. in a statement he says quote, it's a hard time for my family and i'm grateful for the people actively supporting us through this difficult time with their love and counsel. two cars damaged when a large tree fell down this afternoon in walnut creek. this happened at an office park. a mercedes suv under the branchs was dented and scratched on the hood and roof. another suv and a car received relatively minor damage. we have a lot more ahead on this wednesday edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. california drought enforcement, neighbor versus neighbor but the biggest water waster may be the number one provider.
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also, janet thnapolitano an student safety. what is being said about one of the most controversial subjects. live doppler 7 hd shows increasing clouds and drizzle again overnight. i'll have the seven-day forecast coming up. and home prices gone wild, how san francisco became the bay area's first million dollar city. abc 7 news at 9:00 will be right back. ??
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one day after california's water board, people are reporting problems on parks and sidewalks. >> reporter: the wrinkles proved he weather seasons. >> i'm a conservativest. i like to conserve. >> reporter: he feels frustrated when neighbors let the water run free. >> it's pathetic when some people don't care, you know, we're not supposed to wash cars. we're not supposed to come and
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weather our lawns. >> reporter: more and more folks share irritation and started documents alleged water waste with phones. several viewers sent abc 7 pictures of public workers spraying down city sidewalks. it appears to violate the regulation set out by the water board but tyrone with the public utilities commission says no sot sgh we've been getting pictures for months now ever since we have been pushing the drought message. to be clear, the work being done by public works is being done for public health reasons and recycled water. >> reporter: that saves 9,000 gallons of water a day. although the citizen activism doesn't catch a violation this time, he appreciates the help. >> the more people that report, the more quickly something can be done about it. >> reporter: we found walter waste today. it created a birdbath. >> it's beautiful. but, you know, it seems like it's over watered.
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>> reporter: a similar puddle problem at golden gate park. >> i'd hate to see the park turn brown. , but i don't know what the answer is. >> reporter: for arnold corbitt the answer comes down to responsibility. he advocates everyone share the concern. >> don't make an idiot of yourself. if it's a neighb, knock on the door and say hey, you have a leak. >> he doesn't want to hear the phrase cudust to dust any time soon. >> that was tiffany wilson reporting. if you see a case of water wasting, take a picture and we'll check it out. one of the first steps to conserving water around the house is understanding how much of it you use. you'll find a link to a calculator that will help you figure that out at the university of california board of regions met in san francisco at mission bay campus and discussed a range of issues including sexual assaults on
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campus. alyssa harrington tells us about a task force to combat the violence. >> reporter: it's been a month since university of california president janet napolitano called to combat sexual violences on campuses. today she attended a meeting in san francisco and says part of the solution is meeting with law enforcement. >> in terms of investigation, forensics, et cetera, et cetera, that's where the expertise lies where quite frankly the resources are. >> reporter: the task force include as representative from campus police, victim advocates and a student victim, also two regions. >> we need to look at what campuses are doing and is this something that we want to mandate happen every single campus. >> reporter: the changes in policy come after numerous students filed complaints saying they were assaulted on or around campus and the university cannot take measures to keep them safe. >> i felt betrayed by my
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assailant and university. >> reporter: megan warner didn't know where to turn after being attacked. >> they make it very, very unclear how to report, where to go. we have eight different offices involved if you want to report a sexual assault. that's very complicated and confusing. >> reporter: she says the reporting process dragged on and she would see her attacker around campus. the task force is a work in progress but the goal is to have clear protocols in place for reporting an assault, better education for staff and students and victim advocates on hand and guidance and support. in san francisco, alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. politics are at the center of a controversy surrounding the nomination of a student to the uc board of regions. today the board confirmed a junior as a new student representative. the vote happened despite objections from some student groups. he received funding from a proisrael group and muslim students are concerned because they say that donor has made offensive comments about muslims
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and terrorism. >> it's incredibly diverse and important for me as a student to know someone who represents me has an unmitigated commitment to religious tolerance and adversity. >> the only no vote came from the other student region, the muslim student who advocated for a palestinian state. when she was nominated last year a number of jewish students proposed her nomination. >> which i think is a sentiment of the diversity we have at the university of california and the reality of the situation, i think a beautiful thing. i think that there are stereo types that sort of distort what could be a beautiful relationship and i think we will have a strong working relationship in the coming future. >> the uc student association had asked the board of regions to delay the vote while investigating a potential conflict of interest. san francisco is now a million city. the medium price for a single family home or condo hit the million dollar mark for the first time in june according to
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data quick. it's the first time any county hit a seven figure median price. they are the results of median inventory and cash buyers willing to pay anything to get into the workers. many are tech workers are ipo money. one glimmer of hope is home appreciation price is slowing. the median price in june was $618,000. everyone wants to live here because our weather is so wonderful most of the time. >> getting better now. >> yes. >> the humidity is going down a bit, no more muggy. nice weather coming our way. here is live doppler 7 hd. a few clouds around and gets thicker. most of the clouds are near the coast right now. partly cloudy to mainly clear skies inland and we do have a high wind advisory in effect for the delta until 9:00 tomorrow morning. winds are pretty gusty out of that area. look at the current wind gusts. we got up to 35 mile per hour
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gusts at fairfield, 23 concord and 17 and notice winds are lighter away from the delta as we get towards the bay and coast. here is a live view from the rooftop camera, abc 7 looking back at part of the skyline. current temperatures in the low to mid 60s everywhere. san carlos, san jose, gill roy and half moon bay. here is a live view looking westward along the bay bridge. you can see clouds in the distance but not cloudy over the bay now, not any low clouds and temperature readings are uniform. in the low to mid 60s from santa rosa to napa and fairfield, concord and livermore and one more live view at the golden gate bridge. the forecast features, spotty drizzle like last night. it will be cooler tomorrow and less humid than the last couple days and a warmer pattern will begin on friday and continue into midweek next week. water vapor satellite shows center of high pressure inland. offshore much like yesterday's
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alignment but moving farther apart in this little monsoonal moisture easing up so the tap that brought humid conditions is beginning diminish now and the forecast at 7:00 during overnight we'll see clouds thickening over the bay. there may be spotty drizzle not only near the coast but over higher elevations inland, as well. excuse me, as we go into tomorrow afternoon, we'll see mainly sunny skies, humidity drops a bit, clouds will linger at the coast, a pleasant cooler day than today but a pleasant day nonetheless. overnight mild conditions, low temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to low 60s and tomorrow, south bay, hazy sunshine, high temperatures ranging from upper 70s to low 80s. we'll see mid 70s for the most part and mid to upper 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco a high of 68 tomorrow up in the north bay highs in the low to mid 60s on the coast and mid to upper 70s inland. east bay highs mainly upper 60s
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to mid 70s and upper 70s to around 80. here is the seven-day forecast. cooler tomorrow than the last few days but we'll start to warmup on friday and fall into a steady pattern of inland highs in the mid to upper 80s around the bay, upper 70s to 80 to last into the middle of next week. a nice steady pattern with little change from day to day. >> thank you, spencer. two years after breaking ground, the 49ers will cut the ribbon tomorrow. the ceremony is not open to fans but abc 7 will be there to bring you live reports and a behind the scenes look at the home. the first sporting event at the stadium is an earthquake's game august 2nd. the 49 e.ers game. still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00. fasten your seat belt for this. the tricks boeing's new dreamliner can do. abc 7 is a proud sponsor of
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the work was a little wed and wild for commuters in boulder, colorado yesterday. this was part of the 7th annual tube to workday. some people in suits and dresses floated down boulder creek. it's considered an alternative to bike to workday. if you get your movies from
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netflix, place your order before the weekend arrives. netflix quietly stopped mailing out move vmovies on saturdays saving $14 million this year. boeing is showing off the new 787 dreamliner. the company released this video after a steep climb, the pilot's twist and turn, the jet performing a touch and go maneuver with the seven-ton aircraft. bow eing is trying to impress executives and staying away from the bus seen as that company's answer to the dreamliner. another half hour of abc 7 news at 9:00 is coming up. israel and hamas agreed to suspend violence but will it last and then this. >> in their faces. this is not compassion. >> the congressional candidate
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stockton police concluded a news conference updating the deadly bank robbery and police chase. the hostage killed was being used as a human shield by the bank robbers at the end of a chaotic one-hour police chase through the city of stockton. she was one of three common taken hostage by the robbers. she's amir march -- married mot of two. she was at the branch when the robbers attacked this afternoon. the other two hostages were bank
9:30 pm
employees who jumped or thrown from the robber's get away vehicle. the others are recovering in the hospital. two of the three robbers were killed in the shooting during the chase. the third robber is injured but he survived. police say the robbers had rounds and rounds of ammunition either taped or strapped to their bodies. their gunshots hit multiple houses around stockton during the chase, as well as at least 14 law enforcement vehicles. police are investigating whether the three men are connected to other robberies in the area. now to the middle east, israel and hamas agreed to a seize fire at least briefly, even as concern grows iz rail is on the brink of making a move on the ground. alex is in gaza. >> reporter: a deafening blast and israeli air strike, just 100 yards from our hotel housing foreign journalist, on the beach a group of boys planning, running away in terror, you see
9:31 pm
them fleeing in this video. then, another strike. the boys are hit at the scene we found chaos. here, here shouts one man. >> there is the severely mangled body of a dead boy who is put on the stretcher by paramedics. >> reporter: four boys killed, two brothers and two cousins between nine and 11 years old. their parents in anguished disbelief and tonight they were laid to rest. this afternoon, president obama addressed the conflict. >> we've all been heart broken by the violence, especially the death and injury of so many innocent civilians in gaza. men, women, and children who were caught in the cross fire. >> reporter: the strikes come after a truce failed to take hold. israel insists it takes great precaution to avoid civilian death. tonight the military said an early investigion shows the target of the strike was hamas terrorists, operative, they call
9:32 pm
the boy's death a tragic outcome. >> that was alex reporting. the latest blow to russia's economy is meant to stop the military backing rebels in eastern ukraine. here is mary bruce. >> reporter: the president was blunt. >> russia must halt the flow of weapons and fighters across the boarder into ukraine. >> reporter: an estimated 12,000 russian troops along the ukraine boarder, the u.s. imposed the toughest sanctions yet aimed directly at the economy. >> we're freezing the assets of several russian defense companies and blocking new financing of some of the most important banks and energy companies. >> reporter: the new sanctions come as civilians are fleeing eastern ukraine where prorussian accept -- separatests.
9:33 pm
>> violated the international law who crossed the boarder. they supplied lethal weapons, artillery. >> reporter: the russian government denied backing the russian-speaking insurgent in ukraine. a denial that european leaders are not taking seriously, announcing their sanctions at a summit meeting wednesday agreeing with president obama. >> the russian leadership will see once again that it's actions in ukraine have consequences. >> actions on all sides caused the death of hundreds and inflicted misery for millions. >> reporter: mary bruce abc news the white house. more than 50,000 immigrant children have been detained in the past eight months, most from central america. many are arriving each month in the bay area. some are housed in shelters like this one in pleasant hill. according to the media partner, the shelter is run by southwest key program. the pastor from a church next door says his parish doesn't
9:34 pm
feel threatened by the kids and hopes the shelter doesn't spark protest like other parts of the country. >> these kids are caught between something much bigger than any of us and i would hope people would not do something like that. they are good kids. i would not like to see protests there. >> the shelter has a capacity for about 30 teenagers. a similar shelter is located in fairfield. an arizona congressional candidate is apologizing for his blunder during an illegal immigration protest last night. he was among a group protesting the reported arrival of a bus load of immigrant children at a shelter in arizona. he saw a school bus approaching and tweeted bus coming in, this is not compassion, this is the aber gages of the rule of law and included a photo of the bus and described to a reporter what he thought he saw. >> i was able to actually see some of the children in the buses and the fear in their faces, this is not compassion.
9:35 pm
>> the problem was, the children on the school bus weren't immigrants, they were kids returning from a ymca camp and they weren't scared, either. witnesses saw them laughing and taking pictures of the media. he back peddled when confronted by a reporter. >> i apologize. i didn't know. i was leaving, i was leaving when i saw them. >> by the way, the bus they were waiting for passed with migrant children never showed up. a judge sentenced a texas woman to 18 years in prison for sending ricin-laced letters. she maid them to the president and new york mayor michael bloomberg and said her husband did it. she tried to implicate him after he filed for divorce. richardson was an actress and had minor roles. a cross complaint against a woman who sued her, you might
9:36 pm
recall yahoo senior director was sued by an ex employee for sexual harassment, and m zang is suing her for emotional distress. she says she was given a bad performance review after she told about the sexual encounters. yahoo will defend zang against accusations. >> the man behind the twitter account hidden cash will pay $5,000 after one of the hunts turned chaotic. hundreds of people destroyed plants and uprooted a newly planted tree. doing a drop at a small park after dark was probably not the smartest idea. the money will pay for the damage and for the over time paid to officers called in to handle the mess. up next, the midair
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emergency, turbulence rocked a passenger jet. yo
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the oakland city counsel agreed to keep the oakland a's at the coliseum. the counsel had to clean up language in the deal before it's final but essential recalls for the a's to stay for ten years. it will bring in $20 million in revenue for the city. the agreement has to be signed off by alameda county and the a's. now to the skies over malaysia, 30,000 feet up and the heart-stopping moment on board a jumbo jet. we're hearing from passengers who were on board a south african airways flight jolted by
9:41 pm
turbulence. at least 20 were injured matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: turbulence, the kind that can rock a plane like this, rocked last night's flight so violently that these are images of the overhead compartments cracked by passengers, catapulted into the air. look closely at this hole, punched in by a passenger's head. the south africa airways flight cross the equator in route to hong kong. some passengers evacuated in cervical collars. >> most hit their head on the roof. >> reporter: turbulence can form in the calmest conditions by pockets of air. we flue ew today in a simulator mia miami. 28 are hurt a year, most of them not wearing seat belts. there is no specific instrument
9:42 pm
alerting of turbulence ahead. most learn about it on their head set from others ahead of them. a new at the text system is in the works using lasers in hopes of giving pilots a 60-second warning a rough spot is ahead, not soon enough that jostled passengers last night. up next on abc 7 news at 9:00 a bay area teenager whose dream is to become an investment
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a bay area's teenager's wish is about to come true. the people that made batkid a social sensation but as jonathan bloom found out this boy's wish require as different costume. >> do you like swings? >> i do. >> it's not often a high school kid gets to pick out a pair of $700 pair of shoes. >> chemo isn't fun. it's something you have to go through and happens. >> he was diagnosed with lynn foe ma. because he's so young, the make a wish foundation approached him. >> he immediately said i want to go to wall street. i want to work on wall street. >> now that he's done with chemo, that wish is about to come true, but to do it, trey needs to dress for the job. >> why don't you slide that baby on? >> shoe designer michael tosky is no stranger to make a wish. >> it's been a real honor for me
9:47 pm
to be involved in the gives in make a wish. >> trey settled on the shoes any banker would envy. >> do you like that? >> it's called the romio. >> do you have a girlfriend? i do. >> he'll wear them to new york for a tour and mini internship to learn the world of investment banking. >> i've always been pretty obsessed with complicated things, and, you know, i mals r mastered computers and cars and when i saw wall street and how complicated and complex, i fell in love. >> with a limo trip to ralph lauren, he learned dressing is complex. >> the bloom. comes in as an m here. nice and stillish. >> we'll hear the suit when he rings the bell at the new york stock exchange with the people he hopes one day will be colleagues. >> how does he look? >> sharp. >> this is how i dream myself looking every day on wall street
9:48 pm
out there working. i never thought i would get this close to how i looked in my dreams but did. >> in palo alto, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> looking sharp. russian scientists are heading to an area known as the end of the world to investigate a mysterious crater. video of the 262 foot wide hole you see there caused quite a stir since it was posted online la last weeks. experts hope to debunk some theories about the cause including that it's a ufo landing site. some think the cater was caused by a buildup of natural gas since the region is home to one of the largest natural gas fields. it's time to get one last check on the weather for this newscast. let's get to spencer christian. >> no craters to show you but time lapse from the south beach camera this afternoon. looking along the bay bridge showing low clouds moving on over the bay, not very many of them, just a few broken low clouds. we've got clouds thickening
9:49 pm
tonight. mainly near the coast but will spread inland. tomorrow statewide look for thunderstorms developing once again in the central sierra. it's been the pattern but other parts of the state will be hot and dry with a high of 96 in fresno, 104 in palm springs. here in the bay area tomorrow, we'll see fog and low clouds lingering at the coastline. hazy sunshine and less humid than today and highs in the 60s at the coast. here is the seven-day forecast. we'll warm up on friday and have a nice, steady pattern of mild to warm weather for friday into the middle of next week with no dramatic changes one way or the other. >> it's mid july, what are you going to do? >> change the weather. >> thank you. seattle taxi company is going to compete with ride-sharing services. it's sending drivers to charm school. dozens for the yellow cab company packed a meeting room for a crash course in good
9:50 pm
behavior. the company had a local college design a training class in hospitality how drivers can create a positive relationship with riders. >> this is showing the people that we're actually taking our time, you know, and spending money and trying to make a change in this industry. >> and this includes reminders about little things like opening the door for riders and good manners being a safe driver, of course. always helps, as well. rick kwais here with sports >> still there. >> yeah. >> hopefully he'll be back in a few days. >> yeah. >> a break now, quiet and we have something to talk about. coming up in sports going into the team's hall of fame and emotional
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coming up tonight, new details in the deadly stockton shootout.
9:54 pm
dramatic dispatch audio the terrifying moments police came under fire. a homecoming more than 60 years in the making. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. rick quan is in with sports. >> the mvp of the game, the brightest star was yankees shortstop derek jeter playing in the 14th and final midsummer classic. jeter who is retiring at the end of the season was greeted with a long ovation at minnesota's target field. the 40-year-old looked pretty good on the field diving and nearly throwing out the speedy andrew mccutchen and upped his batting average to .481 including a double off the cardinals. jeter was asked about comments that wainwright gave him something juicy to hit. >> second one was about 98 that stayed on good -- no, i don't know, man. [ laughter ]
9:55 pm
>> i have no idea. you still got to hit it, so i appreciate if that's what he did. thank you. summer league action at the warriors taking on the hawks. james with the two-hand slam. he had eight points. take another look at that. answers for the hawks with a nifty spin move. the warriors lose 68-65 and golden state resigned brandon rush. the 11th stage of the tour de france with a 116 mile trek, francis broke away from the pack late. at least naballi remains the overall leader. in pain and nearly dropped out, he refused to quit, though, and despite finishing 32 minutes behind, that was still good enough to avoid elimination, so he is still in the race. last saturday at the stick, 49er legends took to the field
9:56 pm
one last time. another person who had a big part in the super bowl winning teams was former head coach george. he will be the first person inducted into the hall of fame at levi's stadium. >> deep middle. rice, touchdown 49ers. first touchdown of the game. >> george was at the helm of the 49ers last two super bowl titles and was an assistant coach on the first three. fittingly. he'll be the only inductee into the fall of fame class. >> i'm naturally excited. i think the neat thing is first off, to be representing such a great period of time and a great number of players and coaches and people involved in the organization. i mean, it was a special period in the history of the organization. >> george grew up in san francisco watching the 49ers and then coached his favorite team all those years at candle stick. >> to be in the hall of fame with the fellows that i worked
9:57 pm
with as the coach, players and coaches, coach walsh and others that are in the hall of fame, so it's -- yeah, it's special. >> they say you should never follow a legend but george did just that. >> when i worked for bill as an assistant, that was pressure. and i would not have wanted it any other way. i probably developed most as a coach during that period. probably the most enjoyable period of my coaching career was working with bill. >> george will be inducted on november 2nd, against the rams. >> it was always a big rival when i was there and when i was a kid and when i was a kid, we couldn't seem to beat them and then we had the long run where we kind of dominated the series. >> 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick was among the precenters supporting the high water no socks look. the top male athlete award went
9:58 pm
to kevin durant, the mvp while mixed marshall artest was named the top female athlete. one of the more emotional moments of the program came when michael sam, the first openly gay player acre cemented the arthur ash courage award. >> to anyone out there, especially young people, they don't -- feeling like they don't fit in and would never be accepted, please know this, great things -- sorry. great things can happen and you have the courage to be yourself. thank you and god bless. >> sam will be trying to earn a spot on the st. louis ram's roster this season. this sports report is brought to you by toyota. wish that guy the very best. >> emotional night for him there but good to see. >> inspirational. after the all-star break, our teams are coming home for friday? >> giants and a's back home on
9:59 pm
friday. >> traffic problems. [ laughter ] >> that's exactly what that means. thank you so much and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz in for dan and for rick and larry and spencer and all of us, thank you so much for watching. abc 7 news continues online, twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with abc 7 news app. we'll see you at 11:00 on channel 7.
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a small, fading remnant of a star. a white dwarf. that's right. i used a memory technique. dwarves hate being called midgets, and midgets are small. and what does a star turn into after it collapses? a movie of the week. a black hole. right. troy, you could be an astronomer.


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